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Insurance Services

We offer a broad range of products and services to ensure your clients are covered for commercial or private uses across Canada and Internationally. You can view our Capablities Here or see some of those products below:

Aircraft Hull & Liability

AVRO’s Aircraft Hull and Liability policies are designed to provide the ultimate protection against loss or damage to your aircraft and to cover your liability to passengers and/or third parties.

AVRO writes Hull and Liability coverage for an extensive range of fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft from single-engine private aircraft to large commercial fleets.

AVRO’s aircraft hull and liability policies provide comprehensive and flexible coverage for aircraft at a competitive price.

Target Categories: 

Commercial – Aircraft fleets (fixed wing and rotor wing), charter, utility, specialty uses, geophysical survey, flight schools, agricultural, operations, managed aircraft, flying clubs, float operators.

Private – Fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft used for pleasure and business including students, transitioning pilots requiring upgrading to higher performance aircraft and corporate industrial aid risk.

Non-Owned Aircraft Liability

A non-owned aviation liability policy from AVRO can protect your client from chartering third party aircraft, helicopters or unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Coverage extends to ensure your clients if they become liable for bodily injury or property damage suffered by a third party.

Target Categories: Fixed wing, rotor wing and Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) operated in Canada or Worldwide.

General Liability

AVRO can provide a comprehensive policy covering the insured’s operations at their location including airside liability under the Premises section of the policy. We also extend the coverage to incorporate the liability of vehicles (licensed or unlicensed) operated airside by the Insured.

Under the Hangarkeepers section of the policy we cover the Insured’s liability for damage caused to third party aircraft in their care, custody or control.

The Products section complements this policy providing your clients protection related to the aviation services they provide to third parties.

Target Categories: Manufacturers, Fixed Base Operators (FBO), Maintenance & Repair Organisations (MRO), aircraft and engine and related equipment sales and repair, ramp operations including deicing, fuelling snow clearing, grass cutting, grooming of aircraft.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones)

We offer our UAV Insurance services for your clients, whether they are using it for work/research or recreation. Our staff are experienced to quote drones of any specification or value and can provide liability insurance and physical damage insurance for any operators.

With our quick turn around time we can get you flying your drone in no time. Follow the link for more on drone safety 

Target Categories: AVRO can provide coverage for fixed wing and rotor wing Drones for Commercial or Private (including business) uses that incorporate aerial photography, real estate, agricultural, filming, surveillance, aerial inspection and recreation. Our policies provide broad coverage at competitive pricing and can be either for Physical Damage and Liability or for Liability only.

Contractors Liability

AVRO can provide Contractors liability covering airside liability arising from the operations of the insured at airports across Canada related to construction contracts.

Target Categories: Paving of runways, taxiways and apron areas, building maintenance, lighting and electrical, and roofing work.