Our aviation insurance underwriting story began in 1978. Our vision is to take all the knowledge and expertise learned from decades in the business, combined with a fresh perspective to provide our clients with all the perks of top-quality coverage without any excess baggage. 

From our small beginnings to the widespread and talented team we have today, we believe in our team members and empower them to make swift decisions. No more chasing down brokers or waiting in limbo to make strategic decisions - with AVRO Insurance, you gain a partner who’s on your side. 

Proudly Canadian, we're focused on turning the aviation insurance industry on its head

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Established in 1978, Avro Insurance Managers of Canada underwent a significant revitalization in 2016 under Martin Digby's leadership. Since then, it has become a prominent Managing General Agent (MGA) in the Canadian insurance landscape, reflecting a commitment to excellence and strategic vision. Our extensive industry legacy, combined with a forward-thinking approach, has positioned us as a dynamic force. From humble beginnings, we've embraced change, adapting to clients' evolving needs. Avro remains dedicated to excellence, refining offerings, and expanding to meet clients' needs across Canada, with a legacy built on trust, integrity, and innovation. Avro Insurance Managers of Canada looks forward to shaping the future of the insurance industry.

Our Story

Driven by a desire to create seamless and efficient processes for our clients, Michelle represents AVRO Insurance with grace and handles client claims to produce an entirely pain-free experience. Dedicated to self-improvement, Michelle is constantly soaking up new information and absorbing as much as possible from those around her, adding to her already expansive knowledge base.

Claims & Data reporting manager

Michelle Marshall

Lee spends his days ensuring that the underwriting team has everything they need to be successful, enabling AVRO to drive performance like no other. Dedicated to keeping up with changing trends and staying at the forefront of technology, Lee keeps his finger on the pulse of the aviation industry and equips his team to stay relevant and challenge the status quo.


Lee Digby

With over 40 years of experience in the aviation insurance industry, Martin is our trusted pilot. Driven by a desire to make a difference for customers and employees alike, Martin enjoys spending his days meeting clients who are passionate entrepreneurs in their fields and providing insurance solutions that enable them to excel – when he’s not running the AVRO ship, of course. 


Martin Digby

Meet the Team

Thomas comes to AVRO with over 15 years of diverse aviation experience. As an ATPL pilot with over 6,000 hours in piston, turbo-prop and jet aircraft, he has the background necessary to see both the objective and subjective perspectives of an aviation risk. Thomas thrives on learning and embracing new challenges, eager to push his professional boundaries. He values personal connections, recognizing they are at the heart of every prosperous business relationship.

underwriter Private & commercial

Thomas Penkala

A valued member of the AVRO team, Katie joined us in 2020 after spending 14 years in the non-profit sector. She keeps our finances up to date with ever-changing technologies and tools and stays ahead of HR legislation, supporting the team in the best way possible. Adaptable, curious, and willing to step outside of her comfort zone, Katie keeps AVRO Insurance running like a well-oiled machine. 


Katie Jesuthasan

Krista brings more than 20 years of experience in the aviation insurance industry, spanning between broker and underwriter roles. She leverages her knowledge of risk assessment and industry regulations to offer strategic risk solutions and products to brokers and insureds, helping AVRO to stand out from the crowd. Krista strives to keep up to date with new industry developments and trends, and she empowers those around her to do the same.

Vice president of Underwriting

Krista Green

Having initially joined the AVRO team in data entry, Tom is now a valuable and integral piece of the AVRO culture. He has an eye on the upcoming technologies and changing trends in the aviation industry which, combined with his dedication to learn something new every day, makes Tom a passionate and driven team member who is essential to our success here at AVRO Insurance.

special projects

Tom Parry

Kalicia joined us with a background in auto insurance, and her hard work and experience contributes to the success of AVRO Insurance on a daily basis. With a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for the small things, she brings a passion to her work that translates into exemplary results and satisfied clients. 

underwriting assistant aviation/PCGL

Kalicia Heuven

"Avro's service is top-notch, consistently exceeding expectations."

"When I have a technical aviation question, Avro's knowledgeable team is my go-to resource. What sets Avro's policies apart from competitors is their simplicity—easy to read, easy to understand, and always delivered on time. I highly recommend Avro for their exceptional service and expertise."

Ron Hately, Cooke Insurance

Experience a new kind of aviation insurance with AVRO Insurance.

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As AVRO Insurance continues to grow with the industry, our team is committed to delivering value through unmatched service and coverage you can trust. Say goodbye to the tired old ways of the insurance industry you’re used to, and experience quick, easy value with AVRO Insurance. 

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